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The future of web browsing, the history of print and the dreamiest medium format camera

This month, I’ve been been blown away by Arc, a brilliant new web browser that has made web-based work (so much of what I do these days) so much more enjoyable. I’m so impressed by what a game-changer it has been; a breath of fresh air in a very staid space. This video is a bit long, but fun and a nice introduction to how it’s different to the Chrome, Safaris and Firefoxes of the world.

Song Exploder: I have been listening to – and recommending – this brillant podcast for a decade now. I still remember that first episode breaking down a song I adored, The Postal Service’s The District Sleeps Alone Tonight and how magic the whole concept was. They’ve released an updated version to celebrate tuning 10.

Speaking of podcasts, I’ve been enjoying getting stuck into the Print is Dead (Long Live Print) podcast.

Waist-level shooting, a more mindful approach to taking photographs and ASMR-level sounds: Really enjoyed drooling over Becca Farsace’s review of Hasselblad’s new $8,199 camera.

Reading: The Thursday Murder Club series by Richard Osman. Every now and then, Ben and I will have a two-person book club – usually, it when there’s a new Robert Harris book out. But we’ve recently both started reading the Thursday Murder Club series and it’s been great fun.

Watching: Downton Abbey. With The Gilded Age over for another season and Bridgerton some months off, I was still craving a period drama fix so decided to give Downton a shot for time ever. Written by the same person as The Gilded Age, it’s been like finding a new favourite author and discovering there are seven more books to read. In other words, a total treat.

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