A little bit of what I'm up to and into at the minute.

Science-backed baby music, fun mobile puzzle games and more mythological reads

Imogen Heap’s Happy Song is often played multiple times on car journeys, so I was fascinated to discover it was developed as a collaboration between Heap and developmental and music psychologists.

I took my very first winter sea dip a few days ago, and it was glorious. We inadvertently joined the Gentle Swimmers group, who meet weekly at The Big Beach in Salthill, and the atmosphere was brilliant.

Still loving Puzzmo, a collection of simple and fun daily puzzle games that change every day. I’m especially fond of Really Bad Chess, Flipart and Spelltower.

Recent TV I enjoyed: Lessons in Chemistry, The Gilded Age and still trying to finish off For All Mankind.

Recent books I loved: Kaikeyi by Vaishnavi Patel, North Woods by Daniel Mason and Stone Blind by Natalie Haynes.

Recipes I’m enjoying: Air fryer fish tacos, Lou’s energy balls (so handy to have in the freezer and pop in a lunch box) and this habanero hot sauce that Ben made.

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