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Updated 19th July 2023 from my home in Galway, Ireland.

🎧 Listening to two lovely new-to-me podcasts, Poetry Unbound  Ffern’s As the Season Turns, both rich and immersive, they’ve been perfect accompaniments to Ada’s contact naps in the Boba.

📷 It was my birthday this month, and I got a very special gift of a Fuji XT-30 ii. One of the most fun discoveries as I’m getting to know it is all the community-created film simulation “recipes” that you can program into the camera. It creates fun, easy-to-share jpegs (I still shoot RAW, just in case). Fuji X Weekly has a great selection. 

🎵 Have Gemma Hayes’ new track on repeat.

🍓 We gave the viral strawberry clusters recipe doing the rounds on TikTok a go at the weekend and can confirm they are indeed delicious. 

💻 We’ve been dabbling with using open-source, self-hosted web apps for some of our more regular digital tools and I can see it being something we get into more and more. Ben has set up FreshRSS, we’re hoping to give the recipe app Mealie a shot (though we have been using AnyList for years and do like it) and I’m very intrigued by PhotoPrism.

🎉 ‘Tis the season of kid birthday parties. Irish eco toy store Jiminy is our go-to for pressies  – recent faves include this bubble kit, a cute solar-powered nightlight, and their organic scented playdough is always a winner (and lasts ages).

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